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Mahila Shramik Samman Yojana 2021

Mahila Shramik Samman Yojana 2021 क्या है? The government of Haryana started a new scheme for Mahila Shramik Samman Yojana 2021 for Mahila Shramik or labour department ladies they can avail of this service you can have some extra benefits after applying for this service.   On you can register for and ladies labour connected with the labour department .and you will get some extra benefits rather than Haryana labour copy. Before applying for this service you have to register for the labour department via the common service centre, then you will be eligible for this service Mahila Shramik Samman Yojana 2021 After registering for yourself to the labour department you will get an amount of 5100 direct in your bank account to buy labour essential like hammer Kassi tesla and many other types of equipment necessary for labour to work uninterruptedly. You will get 5100 rupees every year after the renewal of labour copy so that you can buy every related equipment that will help

What Is Antyodaya Saral ? How To Register On Saral Portal?

What Is Antyodaya Saral? Antyodaya saral portal is a portal provided by the Indian government to their states to provide essential services online like any legal document any government service any public service from the government. Before launching these services people used to do their official or authorities via government or authority head offices but now the government has launched some online portals like edisha and saral Ayodhya Haryana. These platforms are providing any officials services online without any hassle. We can simply go to the Saral Haryana portal and can apply among the 200 services of the Haryana government without visiting anywhere. You can check 238 different services status here of 38 different authorities, you can apply for 298 different services according to govt of India. Services Available On Antyodaya Saral You can go for nearly 200 different services here on Saral Portal, Saral portal has two different services one for kiosk or CSC and another one is for

Widow Pension Scheme: How To Apply?

What is Widow Pension Scheme? Widow Pension Scheme is a scheme started by the government to show financial support to the widows who are 18+ and not dependent on anyone for their living. If she is eligible she can apply for this pension. In this article today, we will know how to apply for these schemes and the process to apply today we will discuss here. The Wido pension scheme is a cam in existence because of the independence of ladies in their family. Ladies who are not on govt jobs and don't have any financial help from anyone means if they don't have any earning source or job they can apply for this pension scheme of the Indian government. Who are all beneficiaries under this widow's pension scheme? The ladies who are the widow and permanent resident of Haryana can apply for his pension only widows can apply for this scheme they how to prove their eligibility first before applying and to provide all the related documents. The lady who is applying for this pension shoul

10 IGNOU Assignments Tips To Score 100 Marks

इग्नू के असाइनमेंट आप किस तरीके से बनाते है वह तरीका ही आपके अधिक मार्क्स ला सकता है आपके असाइनमेंट बनाने का तरीका किस प्रकार का होना चाहिए आज आपको बताएँगे। कुछ स्टेप्स हम बताएँगे जीन्हे असाइनमेंट बनाते वक्त आपको याद रखना होगा और उसी हिसाब से आपको असाइनमेंट बनाने होंगे assignment marks को किस आधार पर लगाया जाता है उन्ही आधारभूत चीज़ो का आपको यहाँ ध्यान देना होगा। हमारी वेबसाइट पर आप IGNOU Assignments . भी ले सकते है जिनकी मदद से आप असाइनमेंट बनाएंगे तो आपके असाइनमेंट बनाने के तरीके में सुधार आएगा असाइनमेंट बनाने का पैटर्न आपको समझ आएगा। चलिए आपको 10 IGNOU Assignments Tips बताते है जिनको असाइनमेंट बनाते वक्त ध्यान में रखना चाहिए IGNOU Assignments Tips 1. टेबल डायग्राम चार्ट का प्रयोग IGNOU Assignments Tips रंगीन चित्र,चार्ट,डायग्राम का प्रयोग़ करने से आपके असाइनमेंट सूंदर दिखाई देते है, असाइनमेंट चेक करने में आसानी होती है , बहुत ज्यादा इनफार्मेशन को छोटे से चित्र में प्रदर्शित कर है। लम्बे टॉपिक्स को आसानी समझने योग्य योग्य बना सकते है। असाइनमेंट में अगर आप चित्र या डायग्राम का

IGNOU Reregistration 2021 Update

IGNOU University (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is starting IGNOU reregistration for all courses. The students who completed 1st year or they didn't give exams because of covid situation. They also can reregister themselves.  so how to get reregistered for ignou programs. We will tell you a step-by-step process, so how to register yourself keep with us.   How to Do IGNOU Reregistration in ignou university 2020-21? Go To IGNOU Website Re-Registration Page A website will pop out having a reregistration link which is an IGNOU official website ,   Simply just click on the first link and you will get this page given below Register On This Page You will get login new registration options to click on the new registration. Then this registration form page will open. Just enter your details here like your name your program code and enrollment number etc. If you don't have enrollment you can find it on ignou id Card If You Don't have then get yours here . And  create you

What is IGNOU ID Card How to download IGNOU ID Card 2021

What is IGNOU ID Card Ignou identity card is a card which your personal identity could be used during counseling in ignou study center, and also it is used during ignou exam. Ignou card is a system-generated identity card, you can download it by visiting the ignou official ogin page. How To Download IGNOU ID Card? Open Website with Link At First, go to the Link to Download IGNOU ID Card and click on the "old student login Here" on the right side of the screen Enter Login Details & Login Enter Your Username Enter Password Enter Captcha Text Click On Login Get To the Download Page After Logging in you will be redirected to this window click on Print ID Card Print ID Card To Download IGNOU ID Card Click On Download I-Card You have to go to the igneous website first, then you have to enter your login credentials into the input area, then a captcha will be there You have to solve that captcha and then hit to login option you will be logged into your dashboard. After logging

Check Your Ignou Books Status Online 2021

This is a very common and confusing question that comes into your mind. That is how to track your  IGNOU Books Status Online. Students of IGNOU University don't even know is it possible to track ignou books' status online.   So is it really possible to track ignou book status online .  Umm. Yeah! It is possible and you can check your status of ignou books in just 5 seconds so Are you really Excited to know How can you do this.   If Yes? Then start with these steps: Wait!! You have to keep your enrollment no. along with you for this, if you want to find your enrollment no.   Then you can find it on your IGNOU ID Card which you can download by following the process in another article on the below link.  Download IGNOU ID Card Ignou Books Status Online In Just One Minute Open Website By Google Search By typing "IGNOU Study Material Status" Then click on the first link then select your year. Enter The Enrollment No. & Submit After entering the Enrollment and hitting o