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Corona Virus Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

The Indian government has started the vaccination of covid 3 months ago the government started vaccination to front liners, now the public also can vaccinate themselves. 

This vaccine can be taken by people above age 18 now the trial also has been started on teens.

Corona Virus Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

you have to register yourself on the website of  Covid इंडिया here then you have to register with one of your working mobile number you will get an OTP then you have to enter it and registration will be completed.

After the registration with your mobile number, you have to schedule your appointment you have to select a date for vaccination but before we begin you have to verify your age because only 18+ will be vaccinated.

Bring one of your national documents or ID which has your date of birth printed and check the year of birth on it here you have to enter the year of berth in YYYY format.

A schedule option will appear here in the bottom hit on the schedule option and select a suitable date for you to get vaccinated. 

now you have to select a vaccination point by the health officials of your area any of your nearby vaccination booths are available select that booth and confirm your appointment.

after that choose an appointment date according to your comfort so that you can vaccinate yourself without any hassle.

Corona Virus Vaccine Related Information

  • The second dose of COVAXIN should take after a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 42 days.
  • The second dose of COVISHIELD should take after a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 56 days.
  • if you want to vaccinate with a second dose your whole family at one once makes sure you have taken your first dose at once.
  • You didn't found an empty slot for vaccination be patient health officials are busily expanding the infrastructure and vaccination team.

  • This vaccination service was only for 45+ age persons but now in some places, 18+ age person also can get them vaccinated.

Is Corona Virus Vaccine Safe?

Yes, the covid vaccine is safe but every vaccine takes to work or boost your immunity it may affect your health for 3,3 days like you you have taken a covid vaccine you might have fever and light sickness.

Is Poison Used To Make Corona Virus Vaccine?

No covid vaccine is not made up of any poison medical researchers and scientists used mRNA technology to prepare this vaccine many other chemicals and salts which we use in drugs and medical treatments are being used to prepare this vaccine. You can read the main ingredients and all the mRNA technology details here.

Side effects of Covid Vaccine?

  • Fever 
  • Fatigue 
  • Headache
  • Muscle Pain 
  • Shiver 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Pain At Injection Point 

Precautions While Taking Covid Vaccine?

  • Don't panic if you have covid symptoms।
  • Take Doctor's advice
  • Drink lukewarm water for some days
  • Don't sit in air condition or diverse temperature 
  • Don't eat things that produces cough 
  • Stay away from Hot or chilled water use normal room temperature water 
  • Eat Healthy Diet 
  • don't miss your food and drinking water 


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